This is our playground. We have fun here. With side projects. Don’t judge.
  • 01. Architecture that tricks your mind keyboard_arrow_right Using persistence of vision to make a building elegant
  • 02. Making your stay smart, elegant and comfy keyboard_arrow_right Accommodation for the modern traveller.
  • 03. Three days full of screen printing fun keyboard_arrow_right A collaborative workshop on the art of silkscreen printing with Tind
  • 04. A 50' cat fueled by the sun keyboard_arrow_right Diesel no more. Here's your eco-sustainable cruising alternative.
  • 05. We love Thessaloniki so much, we decided to design a bridge for it keyboard_arrow_right Improved transportation, less traffic, better quality of life.
  • 06. A collection of furniture designs keyboard_arrow_right Functional objects we'd choose to put in our own home
  • 07. Inviting accommmodation that lifts your spirits keyboard_arrow_right When you retire, you want a place full of light